for you dad

Today I woke up feeling really miss my dad. The best man I knew. He was responsible for me being adopted, without him, I would not have family, I would not have anything. Without him, I would only be one more child in Brazil, poor, abused mentally and physically. He was my savior, he was my hero, he was the perfect man. The day of his death always makes me have a bitter taste in the mouth, and a lump in my throat. My dad gave me a home, gave me food, gave me love, gave me a chance, gave me all that I was born without. Dad .. I miss you.

I miss you.

 I love you. I love you very much.
And every time I watch the moon I feel good knowing that we can look for the same place together. I miss you every moment of my life. I miss you when you trying to speak Portuguese, I miss our jokes, I miss your voice in my ear, telling me that you love me and you will do it forever. I miss the times when we were complicit in our conversations and our love touched my body and your body. When I’m alone I can’t stop thinking of you. I think that I would do everything for our love. And I think that I want a life next to you.You’re my dream. And all the nightmares that we probably will live won’t let us down. I promise. I feel that this feeling that we have is more than love. I can’t explain with words. The feeling that you can speak of everything with someone, the feeling that someone kiss you and the world stops his rutine moving.

I love you, and no doubt, I will do it forever.

We’re so far away, maybe in distance, but not in love.